Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hello Friends,

Are you a building supplier? Do you receive orders for interior and exterior floor and wall tiles, stairs, cornices, etc. quite often? Well, if the answer is yes, then our offer of the day is especially for you, man.

CMS BREMBANA SPRINT 326 - CNC SAWING MACHINE designed for cutting marble, granite, natural and artificial stone blocks and slabs to the required size and shape. Sprint is ideal for making kitchen and bathroom worktops, washbasins, sinks, tables, etc.

- manufactured in 2011 but installed in 2012
- disk presetting
- disk diameter: 625 mm
- gantry motors
- X axes stroke: 4.250 mm
- Y axes stroke: 3.200 mm
- Z axes stroke: 600 mm
- C axes stroke: +- 270 degrees
- B axes stroke: +-90 degrees
- slab acqusition by digital camera and video defects recognition
- tilting table: 4.140 x 2.000 mm
- steel shoulders
- vacuum manipulator

Net price: 100.000 EUR

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