Monday, 20 January 2014


Goood Monday to All,

Hope you, Guys also had a great and refreshing weekend. If you remember, our latest post favoured a bit those making a lot of delicate works in their fabrication shops. Well, let us start this week with another great deal for them with this

CMS BREMBANA SPEED 236 - CNC working centre with 4 interpolated axes to process slabs and blocks (even for high thickness) of any kind of natural and composite stones. Any type of edge contouring (rough or polished) thus milling, drilling and countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief and writing can be executed with great rapidity and accuracy.

- Year of manufacture: 2010
- Number of working hours: 1.600
- Z axes stroke: 600mm
- 4 axes
- Angular gear box
- Tilting head
- N. 1 telescopic tool holder
- Presetting laser for tool measuring
- Easystone software

Net price: 80.000 EUR

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