Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hello everyone!
Here comes our newest Block cutter.
Brand: Arena
Diameter of the vertical disc: 1100
Diameter of the horizontal disc: 450mm
The machine has mechanical parts in very good conditions, and some steel covers which are rusted can be easily replaced.
This machine mounts a disc of 1100mm of diameter, and has the inverter for the movement of the trolley, which is anyway not included in the supply (many of this machines were sold without the trolley, Customers worked with the block on the floor on wooden bars).
Included in the offer there is also the jib crane with the vacuum plate.
Net price: 27.500 € or
+36 70 623 2063

Good morning, Friends,
In most cases, we prefer and advertise Italian machinery here.
However, we bumped into this French product and I cannot tell you, guys how strangely it affected us.
No cosmetics or shiny-blinky design but clear and concrete functionality. This machine is definitely not gonna be the ornament of your workshop, however, it will be a conscious and economic production unit of your business you can always rely on, no matter how hard the work is.
Let me introduce you our newcomer, THIBAUT T55 - SINGLE-HEAD EDGE POLISHER MACHINE.
- year of manufacture: 2003
- spindle motor: 3,5 Kw
- weigth: 4700 kg
- working length: 3.100 mm
- automatic 7-position tool-changer
- max. thickness at straight edges: 80 mm
- max. thickness at bullnose: 120 mm
- nr.1 polishing spindle
- materials: for marble and granite
- push-button screen
- in excellent condition
- Technically refurbished (some weeks ago!!!)
With a lot of EXTRAS/PARTS:
- nr.1 extra, brand-new spindle motor
- nr.1 C-profile
- extra polishing tools
Net price: 14.000 EUR
Call us! +36 70 623 2063
...or contact us via email:

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I promise you this will be the last for today, but this CNC bridge saw is a good deal beleive me:)
Weha Bravo CNC bridge cutter
This machine is perfect under every aspect, and has 3 interpolated axes.

The particularity of this machine is that it has 2 spindles: one is the normal disc holding spindle, and the second is a vertical spindle just beside the disc, that is predisponed for the use with any kind of diamond tools (core bits, finger bits, digging diamond tool, router, pins, etc....). This spindle has been rarely used (they mainly need the disc), and therefore is almost new.

The maximum disc diameter is 800mm, and the table has the automatic programmable rotation.

The price is Euro 22.000 (which is a great deal in my opinion)!

Hello Again!

We will be very active this Year! So here comes our second one:)

Noat Athena automatic bridge saw, with tilting table!
Year of production: 1997
Diameter of disc: 825mm
Automatic cutting programs!
Automatic turning and Tilting table
In perfect condition!
Price: 21.000€
+36 70 623 2063

Good Afternoon.
First of all I wish all of you a very happy and succesfull new year!
Here comes our first of the Year!
If you need to make special shapes or counter tops, however, not so often that requires to buy a cnc machine then the deal is for you!
Ravelli Syrma - Multifunctional grinding, polishing, drilling machine with automatic table movement!
Year of production: 1998
Condition: Very good working condition
Location: Hungary
Net price: 8000 EUR
+36 70 623 2063