Monday, 30 January 2017

OMAG BLADE 5 - 5 axes CNC working center

Brand: OMAG
Model: Blade5 5 axes cnc machine
Year of Production: 2004
Technical specification:
Efficient and highly reliable CNC milling machine; it is projected for operations with marble, stone and granite sawblades.Interpolated controlled 5 axes.
X Axis transversal stroke 3.500 mm.
X axis movement speed 0÷ 50 mt./min
Y axis longitudinal stroke 2.000 mm
Y axis movement speed 0÷ 50 mt./min
Z axis vertical stroke 1000 mm.
Z axis movement speed 0÷ 20 mt./min
C axis rotation 0° ÷ 380°
B axis tilting 0° +140° / 0 -140°
Working table sizes 3.500 x 2.000 mm.
(Max) Blade diameter from Ø 500 mm. to Ø 1.100 mm.
Motor power S1 – Kw. 25 / H.p. 34
Tool Attachment ISO50
Automatic blade change from Ø 500 mm. to Ø 1.100 mm.
Rotating control by inverter 0 ÷ 7.000 RPM (ISO50 )
Water consuption (about approximate 2 bar) 40 Lt. / min.
Air consuption 20 Nl / (6 bar)
The technology, precision and the reliability of a numerical control working centre make this typeof machine, which has been built to work with a blade on marble, stone or granite, uniquelyefficient and highly reliable.
The high speed of the movement of the axis is guaranteed by a brushless motorization combined with ball bearing screws.
The sliding movement on linear guides rails and ball bearing blocks, the
protection of the moving parts with PVC bellows and a centralised oil lubricating system guarantee quality and durability.
The machine can take a diamond blade up to a maximum 1100 mm diameter, which can be tilted up to 140° and rotated up to 380°.
The working table is fixed because the blade positions itself automatically according to the profiles and the cuts which are to be executed. The numerical controls that Omag uses come from the
main worlwide companies, the software development (CAD/CAM) and the machines’ functions are made directly by the OMAG staff.
Condition: very good
Machine in perfect condition, worked for a short time. Following the revision of the spindle it was practically not used. The spindle was refurbished by the Omag company and for this reason it can be seen in the last photos in red.
Mobile: +36 31 780 3621
( also on whatsapp or viber )
Landline nr.: +36 23 786 638

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